Yvonne Steiner

There is nothing more stimulating than people.
This convictions is a key element of both my professional and my personal life.

As the Editor of “MOMENTS – NO STORIES!” – the virtual artistic and cultural platform – I wish to promote exchange, partnership and cooperation between people and cultures.

As the managing director of Business Relations Services, I support companies in their efforts to establish, maintain and manage long-term business relationships across the world. Long-term relationships created, for example, by establishing common ground and interest.

Yvonne Steiner

Over 40 years` experience living in four different countries.
Well-travelled German national with cosmopolitan outlook
and German/Hungarian, multi-cultural background.

- Languages: German, Hungarian, English, Spanisch, French.
- Foreign language correspondent – English/Spanish.
- Translator – Spanish.
- Corporate communications and public-relations journalist.

Many years` experience in global exports-related business, with
particular focus on the following aspects:

- Relationship management
- Customer club management as part of a customer loyalty scheme
- Event management

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