About me

Yvonne Steiner Vive la différence! A cosmopolitan perspective.

Curious, inquisitive, always open to new experiences and customs:

Yvonne Steiner embraces the unusual, delighting in the different cultures to be found across the globe.

Having been taken on foreign trips from a very early age, she has enjoyed exploring the planet from the word go.

With an international background and more than 20 years’ professional experience, Yvonne has always been fired by a keen interest in getting to know other cultures and mindsets.

Fortunate to have met so many inspiring people the world over, she loves connecting – and connecting with – people.

Yvonne uses the medium of photography to express her creativity and passion, revealing unique snapshots on life taken from her own perspective.

Through Business Relations Services Yvonne develops strategic approaches to help others improve their communication and relationship management.

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