Thomas Graw

Contact: +49 (0)177 6407744

Dipl.-Psychologe (Graduate Psychologist)

Psychological Psychotherapist
certified by the German authorities in 2001

Sports Psychologist and owner of a private psychotherapy practice within a medical and psychological network since 2002.

Specialising in: integrative diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries to ensure the best possible rehabilitation; stress and pressure caused by performance anxiety; burnout syndrome; sleep disorders; psychosomatic problems; cardiological problems; problems caused by being bullied; problems of depression. Consultation and coaching for management executives, systemic consultation, hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT and neurofeedback.

Managing Partner of the company mental management GbR
mental management specialises in consultation and coaching for senior managers in order to improve their mental performance, optimise their management skills, treat burnout and anxiety problems such as public speaking nerves or panic attacks. It also offers coaching and training for performing artists who suffer from mental blocks.

Sports Psychologist for the National Team of the Austrian Football Association
from February 2012-2017.

Sports Psychologist for VfL Bochum football club from 2006-2009.

External psychological counsellorfor the German professional footballers’ association VDV (Vereinigung der Vertragsfußballspieler) from 2005-2008.

Advanced training in Sports Psychology
at the German Sport University in Cologne
Psychological sports consultation for many athletes in the fields of football, athletics, golf and swimming.

Course of study in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
at the University of Bochum, specialising in burnout, problems of anxiety, depression and psychosomatics, after completing studies in psychology in Trier and Göttingen between 1990 and 1996.

Specialist areas:
Sports psychology, self-regulation in the context of (high) performance, motivational psychology and action theory, organisational psychology, clinical psychology.